Provillus for Women

It's estimated that 1 out of every 4 women suffer from Female Pattern Baldness. For many women, this begins to manifest around the time of menopause.

Provillus for Women was designed with you in mind. Our unique formula helps re-grow your own natural hair.

Provillus for Women

What Causes Baldness in Women?

The perms don't cause it. Hairdryers don't cause it. Not even coloring, days in the sun, or any of the other things you do to enhance the beauty of your hair.

The true causes of hair-loss fall into three categories: Hereditary Hair loss, Hormone surges, or Imbalances.

As you age, your hair is robbed of nutrients and your hair follicle shrinks causing weak and fine hair, which eventually will fall out.

A woman's hair loss with decrease in shine and volume can be triggered by a multitude of conditions and circumstances including poor hair care, coloring, heating, and curling. Hair loss can also be hereditary or caused by nutrition, climate, and even stress... resulting in unhealthy, thinning hair.

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